Florence, July 17, 2014better than that you couldn’t hope for. The Italy sweeps away the United States at the onset of the World League. If Berruto wanted to have an answer on the qualities and character of his techniques can only smile for the next challenge (against Australia tomorrow at 20.30) that could deliver the supremacy in pool.
Especially if they were to disappear those imperfections that have given, for a moment, the illusion to the United States to re-enter the match. But when the five thousand of the Mandela Forum had put the heart in peace to go in the fourth set we thought Zaytsev to remove shots in his repertoire. Reductive, though, bring this victory solely to the quality of the Tsar. Already, because until Kovar‘s injury (knee problem) at the beginning of the third set, the Italy had played with authority and with receipt not always very good had taken the lead, thanks to striker in Macerata.
The Italy went out from the blocks with saliva, receiving all of a sudden and the extension was the right result (84). Could be an important break, but the azzurri were wrong and the gap remained liar (1311) because Italy was still in the match with his head, pushed by Kovar and Zaytsev (1614). Service errors continued to be a negative factor, and of 19 share is explained as well.
Here came the strength (the nerves) d’Azur back to attack the opponent’s reception, but also defending what you had to keep alive. Kovar built to defend the 2321 and the Italy defence closed with the excellent Parodi (2522). The vein is not running out with the beginning of the second assault. The ace by Balasubramaniyan (validated after the challenge) was used to dilate the partial up to 126 with Captain at the wall. A wall touch invented by the second in favor of opponents was just a setback because the anger of Zaytsev was a wall and a conclusion of his (148).
Italy continued to grind the game and show (magic of second and great Travica defense of Kovar) and 1812. Looked like a riding unhampered, and blues abounded three set points before closing 2521. the third set was a disaster. Below and fix the Italy lost Kovar and the United States it took advantage to try to reopen the accounts. The Italy you would pull back and wrestled on every ball, while failing to be fluid as before (910). Sbandavano Blues (1823). From here onwards, spoke only Zaytsev. Tsar added a series of services that closed the comeback and gave the kids Berruto a victory that sa company.